Minisymposium 02

Modelling and simulation of damage and fracture

Organizers: Peter Neumeister, Martin Hofmann, and Matthias Deuschle

The understanding of damage and fracture phenomena is one of the fundamental tasks to ensure the reliability of devices and constructions and to prevent their failure. New materials, structures, and applications call for enhanced modelling and simulation approaches incorporating three-dimensionality, multiscale, coupled fields, and non-linearity. Therefore, the modelling and simulation is very challenging, demanding new approaches and powerful numerical techniques. In addition, to the complex task to describe mechanical damage, other phenomena such as the electrical or chemical degradation of ferroelectric ceramics or electroactive polymers shift into focus in the context of smart materials.

The aim of this minisymposium is to provide a platform for young researchers from both, academics and industry, to present and discuss new theoretical approaches and numerical techniques in the field of modelling, simulation, and experimental validation of damage and fracture. Furthermore, contributions toward new and trend-setting applications as well as novel findings in state-of-the-art topics are welcome.
We thank the following companies for supporting this event:

Dynamore GmbH


Dassault Systemes Simulia GmbH

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