Minisymposium 04

Multi-Functional Materials and Coupled Multi-Field Problems

Organizers: Thomas Wallmersperger and Sven Klinkel

Adaptive structures are often based on intelligent or multi-functional materials. These materials are very promising as they can be applied in a wide frequency and active displacement range. Modern fields of application are, e. g., composites or functionally graded materials for high-temperature problems, piezoelectric ceramics or electroactive materials for actuator- and sensor technologies, smart wings, smart antennae etc. However, these complicated problems cannot be described only by a pure mechanical model. In fact, coupled multi-field theories which additionally account for non-mechanical (e. g. thermal, chemical, electrical, magnetic) fields are required. To realize this, sophisticated coupling schemes with efficient solution algorithms are required.

The objective of this minisymposium is to present state-of-the-art papers in the broad area of coupled multi-field problems. Contributions focussing on actual research topics in the field of modeling, simulation and experimental verification of multi-functional materials, smart structures and coupled multi-field problems are welcome.
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