Minisymposium 06

Methods and applications in computational acoustics

Organizer: Christian Klotz

Acoustic problems occur in many fields of science and engineering. Noise in interior and exterior domains is one issue in the product development process. and requires the simulation of sound radiation by a variety of sources. The assessment of input data, such as excitation and damping parameters, is of crucial importance for obtaining realistic simulation results. Once the sound radiation can be predicted, the question arises how to effectively reduce the sound emission by constructive means. Hence, computational methods for acoustic problems and acoustical optimization are an evolving field in mechanical research. The scope of this mini-symposium includes methods and case studies in:

- Acoustic problem formulations in finite as well as infinite domains and their numerical solution
- Sound scattering in various media, e.g. porous media and damping materials
- Inverse problems and parameter identification
- Computational methods for source reconstruction and analysis of measured data
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Dynamore GmbH


Dassault Systemes Simulia GmbH

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