Minisymposium 07

Computational modeling of composite structures

Organizer: Claudio Balzani

Design of engineering composite structures comprises the challenging combination of issues such as safety, reliability, durability, low cost, low weight and low energy consumption. These issues become extraordinarily demanding for highly stressed primary structures. Composite materials offer the possibility to customize the materialfor a particular application. To minimize experimental efforts computational modeling and virtual testing are useful tools. However, the computational modeling of the mechanical response of composite structures is a very challenging issue.The microstructure makes it a highly inhomogeneous material resulting in very complex stress states, damage mechanisms and structural responses which are very difficult to predict accurately. This minisymposium focuses on - but is not limited to - the computational modeling of fiber-reinforced composite structures. This includes engineering materials such as carbon-fiber reinforced polymers, glass fiber composites, metal matrix composites, ceramic matrix composites, wood, hybrid composites, etc. Unidirectional reinforcements are considered as well as fabric reinforcements.Material modeling on the macroscale is of interest as alsomicroscale or multiscale modeling. Besides these topics the minisymposium deals with the component level where the structural response of composite parts is investigated. The following lists some of the numerous possible topics of interest:

- Multiscale material modeling
- Modeling of nano-filled composites
- Dynamic response and fatigue
- Buckling and postbuckling
- Prediction of residual stresses
- Damage and fracture mechanics
- Algorithms for 3D crack propagation
- Interfacial fracture
- Delamination analysis
- Multiscale analysis of cracks
- New materials and applications
- Adaptive systems
- Simulations across the entire process chain
- Coupled experimental-computational identification
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