Minisymposium 08


Organizer: Claudius Lein

One can find kinematic systems at almost every part of daily life. Starting with simply moving structures like an automatic door, complex vehicles like automobiles or railway cars can be handled by using multi-body-simulation-software. Therewith, the dynamic behavior of a system, containing forces and accelerations, can be analyzed.

Nowadays, multi-body-simulation-software can cope with a lot more than just kinematic investigations of mechanisms, such as the evaluation of gears and drive-chains, the implementation of elastic bodies, the description of complex interactions like the rail-wheel-contact or rubber tires rolling on concrete surfaces, by which it is possible to describe several phenomena.

Besides the above mentioned topics, this minisymposium will cover coupled simulations by linking multi-body-dynamics with co-simulation or realtime-simulation as well as the modeling of mechatronic systems by integrating hydraulic or pneumatic facilities.
We thank the following companies for supporting this event:

Dynamore GmbH


Dassault Systemes Simulia GmbH

Springer Science+Business Media