Minisymposium 11

Fluid-structure interaction

Organizers: Michael Breuer and Roland Wuechner

Fluid-structure interaction (FSI) is a topic of major interest in many fields such as mechanical engineering, civil engineering or medicine technique to mention only a few. Beside experimental investigations numerical simulations have become an important and valuable tool for solving this kind of problems. Two issues have led to a a great leap forward in the last years. On the one hand the numerical algorithms for the single fields experience substantial progress. On the other hand the available computational resources have strongly increased. Both developments now allow to tackle practically relevant dynamic fluid-structure interaction problems involving laminar but also turbulent flow fields.

The minisymposium is intended to reflect the developments rapidly going on in this exciting research area. Thus researchers developing numerical algorithms and tools for the simulation of FSI applications are invited to take part in this session. Furthermore, experimenters providing new test cases and reliable data sets of FSI investigations are highly welcome as well as users of numerical simulation tools tackling interesting FSI applications.
We thank the following companies for supporting this event:

Dynamore GmbH


Dassault Systemes Simulia GmbH

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