Minisymposium 13

Computational contact and interface mechanics

Organizers: Sachin Gautam and Roger Sauer

Modeling of contact and impact is probably one of the most challenging problems in computational mechanics. Starting from the early work of Hertz on contact between two spheres, current studies include, apart from the simulation of car crashes, tyres, rubber seals, metal forming, contact at nanoscales and biological systems. In all such cases, the need for development of new, robust, accurate and efficient computational techniques and algorithms, that can capture contact interactions, while preserving the underlying physics, gains significant importance. This symposium invites contributions on the following possible topics, but is not limited to

- Contact mechanics
- Multiscale methods for contact mechanics
- Atomistic contact
- Nanoscale contact
- Adhesion and wetting
- Biocontact - cell adhesion, bacterial adhesion
- Impact mechanics - crash
- Metal forming
- Frictional contact
- Time integration schemesv - Interaction of grain boundaries and interfaces
- Contact homogenization
- Surface energy driven systems
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