Minisymposium 14

Coping with uncertainty in computational mechanics

Organizers: Uwe Reuter and Jan-Uwe Sickert

Problems in the field of computational mechanics are usually characterized by uncertainty of the available data or models. Data uncertainty summarizes phenomena like imprecise, fluctuating, fragmentary, linguistic, or subjective information. Model uncertainty exists because of the abstraction of reality to a model, that means there is uncertainty in the mapping. Realistic numerical simulation of engineering structures requires an adequate consideration of those uncertainty phenomena.

The objective of this minisymposium is to discuss models and methods for an adequate numerical treatment of uncertainty in the field of computational mechanics. In particular questions of numerical efficiency and applicability to industry-relevant problems are addressed.
We thank the following companies for supporting this event:

Dynamore GmbH


Dassault Systemes Simulia GmbH

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